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Vacation Memories Earn ‘Lat 38’ Swag

Have you vacationed lately aboard a bareboat or crewed yacht? If so, we’d love to hear a little bit about your experience.

Cruising grounds of the Eastern Caribbean are chock full of relics from the colonial era, such as Antigua’s Nelson’s Dockyard. 

© Courtesy The Moorings

As longtime Latitude 38 readers know, for decades we’ve been publishing first-hand charter reports and detailed info on various international chartering destinations in our World of Chartering section. And we know that many of those articles have inspired other West Coast sailors to spend their precious vacation days exploring exotic destinations under sail with boatloads of family or friends.

So please help us keep this tradition going by sharing a few paragraphs about your experiences and a few of your favorite photos. If we use your report we’ll send you some official Latitude swag as a thank you! 

Please tell us:

• Where and when you chartered
• Briefly, about the route you sailed
• What sailing conditions you experienced
• And tell us about a few of the highlights of your cruise — favorite anchorages, memorable shoreside activities, and funny memories.

And please share a few fun photos in ‘medium resolution’, if possible. Email your submission here. Many thanks!

Ancient Aegean ports like this one, on the Greek isle of Symi, are abuzz with international charterers during the summer months.  

© Courtesy The Moorings

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