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UPDATE (12/31/10 17:53): Americas Cup 34 is coming to San Francisco Bay . . . Happy New Year!

Although nothing has been confirmed at this point, San Francisco may be close to being named the host of the 34th America’s Cup. Citing Mayors office spokesman Tony Winnicker, the Examiner’s Katie Worth — who has been following the venue selection process since the beginning — wrote this morning that San Francisco is expected to be selected. At this point, no details have been nailed down, nor have Ellison, Coutts or any other Oracle Racing officials publically commented on the venue decision. We’re curious as to what has taken so long. The fact that the team has not scheduled a press conference leads us to believe that a venue announcement is a fifty-fifty proposition by the end of the day, the protocol deadline not withstanding. We’re waiting with bated breath and as soon as we know one way or another, we’ll try to let you know.

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