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Two Things About the Baja Ha-Ha

Meet ‘Baja Mitch’ at the Latitude Booth at This Week’s Boat Show

Seek out ‘Baja Mitch’, center, for encouragement and questions about the 2019/20 Baja Ha-Ha and Pacific Puddle Jump. In this photo, the crew of Bow Tied at the Bahia Santa Maria party last year.
© 2019 Bow Tied

Mitch Perkins, who is the advertising manager at Latitude 38, which is title sponsor of the Baja Ha-Ha, will be on ‘Ha-Ha watch’ at the Latitude booth of the Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show Thursday through Saturday from 3 to 5 p.m.

If you’re thinking about doing this year’s Baja Ha-Ha — November  3-16 — Mitch can answer most of your questions. And if you stump him, he has a direct line to the Grand Poobah of the Ha-Ha, who is currently cruising in the Caribbean and couldn’t make it back for the Boat Show.

If you know where this yacht club is, stop by the Latitude booth and tell Mitch.
© 2019 Bow Tied

The Baja Ha-Ha is the 750-mile cruisers’ rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, with R&R stops at Turtle Bay and Bahia Santa Maria. Over 10,000 sailors have done the Ha-Ha on 3,000 boats in the first 25 years. Complete info on the Ha-Ha can be found at Signups will be accepted starting at noon on May 8.

Is There Surfing, as Well as Sailing, on the Baja Ha-Ha?

Yes, there is. At least if there is a swell running.

The best spot is during the stop at Bahia Santa Maria, a stop that, by popular demand, is being extended by another day for this year’s 26th annual Baja Ha-Ha.

It’s a well-known point break that has gone off about half the time the Ha-Ha fleet has been in residence.

An unknown surfer slides into a totally fun-looking right in Bahia Santa Maria.
© 2019 Richard Spindler

The other spot is on the bar into the mangroves, or just to the right of the mangroves. Sometimes it’s a gentle break ideal for beginners. Other times there is also a steaming right — that ultimately is going to overtake you. Fun while it lasts.

There is also surfing at San Diego, of course, including a ‘secret’ break only accessible by dinghy just inside Pt. Loma.

And there are also surf spots between Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Los Cabos.

Clean conditions at a well-known point break in Baja California, circa 2006.
© 2019 Richard Spindler

Aprés the Ha-Ha, there is great surf at Mazatlan, San Blas, Sayulita, Punta Mita and other spots in Banderas Bay, Tenanacita Bay, and more as you continue south. So yes, by all means bring your stick or stick(s). And if you’re a beginner, pick up a cheap board at Costco.

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