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The Greatest Dining Bargain in Cruising?

If anyone is looking for a good culinary reason to go cruising in Mexico this winter, one good answer can be found in the photo above. It’s just part of a meal for a price you’ll find hard to believe.

The photo was taken by John and Gilly Foy of the Catalina 42 Destiny. Formerly of Alameda, the couple have been happy residents of Punta Mita, Mexico for about the last five years, and keep Destiny at Marina Riviera Nayarit.

While getting a bottom job done on Destiny in Mazatlan, the Foys stopped at the Wine and Sushi Restaurant, located one block from the Machado Plaza in Old Town Mazatlan, for dinner. Even though they are used to great dining bargains in Mexico, they were knocked out by the meal and the pricing.

"Wine and Sushi is an all-you-can-eat place," they report. "We started off with a tempura veggie plate, then a tuna sashimi plate, followed by the plate in the accompanying photo, which consists of a scallop roll, a salmon roll, a yellow tail tuna roll and a maguro tuna roll. Not only was it all super fresh and absolutely delicious, the waiter would have kept bringing more until we exploded."

We know places in the Caribbean where just the single plate in the photo would cost over $100. But at the Wine and Sushi in Mazatlan, the entire all-you-can-eat meal came to just $9.09 a person. Eat your heart out!

When it comes to dining bargains for cruisers, does anyone know of a place that can compare? If so, we’d love to hear from you and see photographic evidence.

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