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The Great Pumpkin

Even though the winds were less than thrilling this weekend, racers in the Great Pumpkin report a fantastic time.

© Peter Lyons

The winds were less than ‘great’ this weekend for Richmond YC’s Great Pumpkin Regatta. Saturday’s winds maxed-out at about 18 knots – and most of that came after the racing was over. The total lack of wind on Sunday forced the race committee to abandon the pursuit race around Angel Island and Alcatraz.

If there was an award for best costumes, Desdemona’s crew would get top honors.

© Peter Lyons

Regardless, the crew aboard the 256 participating boats had a ‘great’ time. The three races Saturday (save for the IOR division which had one long race) were short and fun, and many competitors remarked at the lightheartedness of the racing. "After a highly competitive racing season, it’s refreshing to just have fun and not worry about results," said 1D35 racer Kevin Moon.

There was just barely enough wind on Saturday to fill a spinnaker.

© Peter Lyons

While waiting for the wind to materialize on Sunday, many boats rafted together and socialized. The wind never came up but racers enjoyed bobbing around the Bay in the mild and sunny conditions. Most headed back to RYC for the awards party and continued to ‘socialize’ on the deck.

Bill Mastrangelo cozies up to his best Bud.

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Though they weren’t posted as of this morning, check for full results.

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