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The Arnolds Have Been Around

In late October of ’06, the San Jose-based Arnold family set sail on the Baja Ha-Ha. They’ve since covered nearly 35,000 miles while going around the world. Makes us wonder what we’ve done in the same period of time.

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The San Jose-based Arnold family report that in late April they completed their circumnavigation aboard their 45-ft Dufour ketch Fafner, having covered 34,865 miles since they started with the ’06 Baja Ha-Ha. In the Ha-Ha preview, Geoff reported that his parents were "old salts" who had done a circumnavigation with him and his two siblings aboard a 33-footer from ’74-’76 — which was long before today’s modern electronics and other conveniences. So his and Karen’s plan was to take daughters Claire and Alexandra around "when they were old enough to know what was happening, but too young to do anything about it." And they succeeded!

The Arnolds – Alexandra, now 14, Claire, now 16, Karen and Geoff – in Taiohae Bay on their outbound leg. They are now headed to Hawaii and expect to be back in California by July.

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The Arnolds didn’t do your normal Milk Run circuumnavigation. You can tell by looking at the chart and seeing that they finished up via South America, Cape Horn and the Pacific rather than the Panama Canal. That’s why they completed their circumnavigation at Taiohae Bay in the Marquesas, of all places.

This map shows the Arnold family’s route. Notice that they are returned from the Med via South America, Cape Horn and the Pacific, not the Panama Canal.

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