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Swimming with Dolphins and More

Kurt Roll of San Diego recently flew to Auckland to join Dietmar Petutschnig and Suzanne DeBose of the Las Vegas-based Lagoon 440 Carinthia for another season of cruising. For the trip, he packed a new Quadcopter equipped with a GoPro camera for ‘helicopter’ video of their sailing. He recently sent us some video from their trip on the way from Auckland to the Bay of Islands, but look at about 1:30 mark of the video — we don’t think he shot it using the Quadcopter. But it’s great a swimming with dolphins video. Kurt promises more.

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It was exactly 30 years ago yesterday that ‘Her Magesty’ Laurel DeForest of the Olympia, WA-based Balfour 28 Robbie’s Wake popped the cork on a bottle of Champagne in front of a crowd of barefoot sailors, and thus declared that the first-ever Sea of Cortez Race Week had officially begun.