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Summertime on San Francisco Bay — Get Amongst It!

Do you think the Metaverse will ever capture the experience and adventure of summertime sailing on the Bay? It’s hard to imagine. As the weekend approaches, we’re looking back at some of the in-person experiences happening on the Bay.

Summer winds create some of the most exciting sailing of the year. Monika and Rob Parrish of the Catalina 34 Quicksilver, sailing out of Brisbane, caught this scene off Point Richmond on a blustery day on the Bay. Sometimes you take sails down on your own and sometimes Mother Nature does it for you. Reef early and douse early are good ideas during the summer winds.

Torn spinnaker
Just when you thought it was safe to fly the kite the summer breeze arrives.
© 2023 Monika Williams
Torn spinnaker.
Step two. Safely getting things back under control.
© 2023 Monika Williams
The wind was blowing on the Fourth of July when we first saw these sailors with a hull in the air. All looked fine by the time we got this the photo.
© 2023 Latitude 38 Media LLC / John
Half Moon Bay
John Williams sent in this photo of a boat that hit hard times on a ramp in Half Moon Bay.
© 2023 John Williams
It’s sad knowing this boat probably had many happy people aboard for years, but it’s time to make room for an updated boat with new sailors aboard.
© 2023 John Williams
San Francisco Yacht Club
One of the San Francisco Yacht Club’s boats was lit up for the evening
© 2023 Latitude 38 Media LLC / John
Back to smiling photos — Kevin and Elizabeth Moore joined us for a beautiful Friday night race. Elizabeth called tactics for a successful evening.
© 2023 John

The summer season is upon us, with all the thrills and spills it provides, and it looks like another fine weekend for sailing. The Westpoint Regatta is on this weekend, taking racers to the South Bay, while other sailors will be starting a cruise to the Delta — though an early ebb on Saturday will make that slow going. We’re expecting temperatures of over 100 degrees in some places, so go sailing, be safe, have fun, and enjoy the fresh local air.

Do you have photos from your summer sailing? Send to [email protected].

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