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SOS from Latitude

Thanks to modern technology, we usually have good luck finding people and boats from the past. But here’s one that stumps us. A few years ago — maybe as few as three or as many as six — two middle-aged women completed a circumnavigation. For the life of us, none of us at the office can recall their names or the name of their boat.
What we do recall is that one of the women had spent a lot of time in Berkeley, and if we’re not mistaken, had worked on and been captain of a charter boat out of Berkeley. The other thing we remember about them is that at one point in their circumnavigation they took a berth on the east coast of England for about three months, and would take the train into London every day to look around.
We’d love to contact these folks, but cannot remember their names or boat name. Can you help? Email Richard.

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If you watched the weekend’s America’s Cup action from the AC Park or from a boat on the water, you undoubtedly noticed a bevy of spectacular yachts that don’t normally grace the Bay.
The meaning is simple. The irreverent Andrew Vik of San Francisco did another summer cruise aboard his Islander 36 Geja in Croatia, and we’ll have a complete photo report in the October 1 Latitude.