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Soldini Crushes Class 40s in Transat

Giovanni Soldini bow-riding Telecom Italia to a win in the Class 40 division in The Artemis Transat.

© Matt Dickens onEdition/The Artemis Transat

Italian Giovanni Soldini sealed his win in the Class 40 division in The Artemis Transat when he crossed the finish line off Marblehead just after 7 a.m. For the 42-year-old Italian, it was nearly a wire-to-wire win for his year-old Guillaume Verdier design that also won last year’s doublehanded Transat Jacques Vabre. Tactically, Soldini sailed a strong race, staying close to the rhumbline and consolidating at every opportunity. Although we don’t have access to the exact distance, a look at the race’s two-dimensional tracker shows that Soldini sailed what’s probably the shortest total distance of any Class 40 sailor. He continually boxed the rhumbline and minimized his north/south deviations. Meanwhile, some of his competitors were getting as far as 150 miles perpendicular to the rhumbline’s south. "I think I was good in the race," he said. "It was a good choice to stay in the north in the beginning and through the first high pressure."

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