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Skiers Who Sail; Sailors Who Ski

As winter draws to a close on another solid California ski season, we want to take a moment to ask what might be the no-brainer-est question of all time: Do all sailors like to ski? We ask because many of the sailors we know and follow  on Instagram are swooping down the slopes whenever they’re not swooping through the water.

For those outdoor enthusiasts who love the mountains and the water, Lake Tahoe is probably your cup of tea.

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We’re curious about two points: Why sailing and skiing? Is it a love for outdoor sports? Or a love for the infuriating angst of waiting around for the right weather? Ot is it all just a pursuit in the opposite direction of responsibility, looking for different outdoor endeavors to be a ‘bum’ in?

Forget the snow and water. The stunning natural beauty of Lake Tahoe is the main attraction.

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And for those of you familiar with Lake Tahoe — California’s ski/sail mecca — we’d like to gather information about the sailing scene in Tahoe. How’s the wind, what are the best parts of the lake, and where can you rent, launch, or bum a ride? Are there fun regattas that are worthy of coverage? Do you have a photo or story to tell? Please, let us know.

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