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Sailor’s Run Update

Readers — On December 11, Jeff Hartjoy set off from Callao, Peru, on a singlehanded nonstop trip around Cape Horn, bound for Buenos Aires, Argentina, aboard his Baba 40 Sailors Run. We’ll be running his reports in ‘Lectronic throughout his voyage.

Christmas has come and gone, and both days were pretty sad for me as I miss Debbie, my family and friends. On Christmas Eve, I had a very large albatross cruise the seas in my area. I was truly amazed at the effortless flight of that huge bird with a 9-ft wing span. On Christmas Day, Santa brought me a most special gift: winds that started filling in from the SSW.

Christmas was bittersweet for Jeff as he missed his wife Debbie terribly, especially after he found a surprise CD she made for him.

Sailors Run
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Unfortunately, they never developed. Instead High #3  filled in instead. I’m twinking and tacking just trying to get south, where I hope there will be more wind. I’m currently getting lots of rest and reading lots of novels, while sailing along under spinnaker in the "roaring-snoring 40s."

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In the December 19 edition of ‘Lectronic, we encouraged everyone to take to the waters in celebration of the shortest day of the year — they only get longer from here!
Oh yeah! Having some fun now. What’s that they say about how the worst day on the water is better than the best day at work?