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Sailing with Kids? Not So Tough

Who says sailing with kids is tough? Here’s what super-sailor Rob Wallace has to say about it:

Rob knew baby Cristopher was a born-sailor on the way back from Hawaii in ’87 – check out the kid licking the salt spray off his lips!

Rob Wallace
©2007 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

"This first photo shows me holding my 4 1/2 month old son Cristopher in the cockpit of Dennis Choate’s Carter 60 Gitana in 1987. Fourteen days of changing diapers wasn’t too bad. In the middle of the day, if the weather was good, we’d put him in his car seat and lash it athwartships in the cockpit. As you can see he’s having fun sticking out his tongue and tasting a little salt spray!  Arrrg!

Baby Cristopher’s drink of choice can be seen in front of Dad’s drink.

© 2007 Niels Kisling

The other photo is also probably during that November of 1987 while bringing the SC50 Cipango back from a Cabo Race. As you know Santa Cruz boats have the drink holders built in. You can see baby’s drink and Daddy’s drink. I’m sure I’ll get some letters about that! However, I believe that parents with young children can cruise and be as responsible and careful as they need to be while still having a beer after lunch for crying out loud. This photo hangs in our home today.

Rob’s other son Evan, 17, made his fourth trip back from the Islands with his dad aboard the SC50 ‘Fortaleza’ (ex-‘Allure’) after this summer’s TransPac.

©2007 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

My then-wife and I always found cruising with our kids quite easy and enjoyable. The experiences that they were lucky enough to get will benefit them throughout their lives. I encourage young families to get out there and just do it."

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Having spent much of the summer in Southern California for a change, we couldn’t help but notice a couple of differences between sailing down there and up in Northern California.