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The Mystery of Sailing at the Sailing Science Center

San Francisco’s Sailing Science Center continues to expand its circle of influence by bringing its exhibits to kids in youth programs around the Bay. Tomorrow, Thursday, the 7th, the crew will also join us at Spaulding Marine Center for Latitude 38’s Baja Ha-Ha Fall Crew Party.

The Sailing Science Center (SSC) has been busy all year, with a couple of videos below showing how they’ve been demonstrating some of the science behind sailing to kids (along with us adults) around the Bay Area. One of the great things about sailing is that you never stop learning, and the SSC helps everyone better understand sailing’s mysteries.

In the first video, by Ros de Vries, the kids are attending a Science Sailing exhibit at Encinal Yacht Club in Alameda.

Another youth session filmed by Nathalie Corkhill was for kids attending youth programs at Call of the Sea, home of the schooner Seaward and the brigantine Matthew Turner in Sausalito.

The Sailing Science Center is partnering with Island Yacht Club’s sold-out Women’s Sailing Seminar in Alameda, which takes place on September 8–10.

If you want to have the Sailing Science Center visit your facility, check in with them here.

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