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More Sailing License Plates from Around Latitude Nation

Latitude Nation — After our last round of License to Sail, we have gotten an avalanche of motor-bound, metal-plated nautical quips. Please keep them coming by sending them here, and enjoy this latest installment.

“I jokingly give my beginning sailing students extra credit if they correctly decipher my license plate,” wrote Captain Rod Witel, a US Sailing and US Powerboating instructor.
© 2019 Rod Witel

These aren’t necessarily sailing related, but certainly sail/surf-culture inspired. It appears that the Couvreux family pays homage to their boats on their license plates.

“Our first boat was Cowabunga,” wrote Janis Couvreux.
© 2019 Janis Couvreux
“The second boat was 30 years later; kawabunga, purposely lower case ‘k’ for junior,” Janis said.
© 2019 Janis Couvreux
“Here’s my old plate from when I lived on Maui,” wrote Mike Sowers of Medford, Oregon. “It can be taken two ways.”
© 2019 Mike Sowers
Here’s a little long and skinny European-plate action from Peter Detwiler.
© 2019 Peter Detwiler
Here’s a local, explains-itself entry from Ron Johnston.
© 2019 Ron Johnston
Ron Jacobs of Marina del Rey sent us this nugget.
© 2019 Ron Jacobs
If someone’s home is their castle, than surely their car is their . . . ship? Thanks to Mike Eyton Lloyd for this one.
© 2019 Mike Eyton Lloyd

And finally . . . Has anyone ever yelled “Starboard!” while on the road?

“Get outta my way; you have no rights!” wrote David Paul.
© 2019 David Paul

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