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‘Round Alameda New Year’s Cruise

What could be nuttier than getting up early on the first day of the new year to make five bridges open with a simple blast of a horn? How about chili before noon? How about boating where there is no water? You can get that nutty in the annual Around the Island event hosted by the Yacht Clubs of Alameda Island.

A few years back Island YC leaders recognized the wisdom of going through those bridges well-fortified with breakfast and eye-openers. Last year, the feat was recognized with a formal award: The Certificate of Circumnavigation, awarded to all skippers and crew who affirmed completion of the task.
This year’s mid-afternoon high tide almost suggests a counterclockwise circumnavigation — unheard of! The usual fare is chili, ramos fizzes and bloody marys at Aeolian YC, hearty burgers and dogs with full football at Ballena Bay, and chowder at Encinal. Intrepid islanders know how to pour a mean mimosa and hot toddy.
Want to get in on the festivites? Check any Alameda yacht club’s website or email for details.

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