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Radio Controlled Boats Sail on Scenic Lake Gregory

Hidden about a half hour (and about an hour and a half out of Los Angeles) from San ‘Berdoo’, a few thousand feet up in the SoCal mountains is 120-acre Lake Gregory. Far smaller but no less scenic than its more famous neighbors, Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear, the lake has a growing fleet of radio-controlled sailboats.

R/C Solings on stands
In ‘dry dock’: R/C Solings on their stands.
© 2021 Andy Kopetzky

On successive Saturdays, May 15 and 22, the Lake Gregory Yacht Club hosted events centered on these vessels.

Solings on the water
On the race course: two R/C Solings.
© 2021 Andy Kopetzky

May 15 was R/C racing practice. On May 22, the yacht club presented activities for Long Beach-based Girl Scout Troop 70133. The troop participated in a community cleanup of the trails surrounding the lake and then enjoyed some R/C lake sailing and a BBQ at the club facilities in nearby Crestline.

Girl Scout waves
Thank yous from the Girl Scout troop.
© 2021 Andy Kopetzky

It is not at all like ocean sailing — the winds can go 180º at the drop of a hat, and the challenge is to keep from rounding up or going into irons. The boats can go pretty fast, and sailing an R/C Laser was lots of fun. One of these will set you back about $325, but there are no slip fees and you don’t need bottom service. A tool set and spare parts are mandatory as in full-sized sailing. The club furnished a ‘rescue’ kayak in the event of gear failure.

kayak with R/C Laser
The rescue kayak with an R/C Laser.
© 2021 Andy Kopetzky

LGYC staff commodore Marsha Philippe and former SCYA commodore Rick Dinon put on the event. For more information, see

hauling out an R/C Laser
At the ‘hoist’: using a boat hook to haul out an R/C Laser.
© 2021 Andy Kopetzky

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