PV Race Starts Friday

The 13 boats in this year’s San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Race will get underway Friday and Saturday. The 1100-mile downhill slide will feature two Northern California boats, Tom Akin’s TP 52 Flash, and Bill Turpin and David Janes’ R/P 77 Akela, and you can follow their progress by clicking the "tracking" button at the link above. Once the boats get to PV, many will be sticking around for what’s shaping up to be a great MEXORC — this year part of a much larger Nextel Bicentennial Mexico Cup honoring the country’s 200-year anniversary. Thirty-eight boats are signed up, and we’re hearing that the organizers are putting more energy into it than ever before.

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"We took a direct hit," reports Joel Stern, who rode out category 2 Cyclone Rene in Tonga earlier this week aboard his San Diego-based Vagabond 47 Paradise Bound.
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The weather is warming up and now is the time to start thinking of the upcoming sailing season.
After a blistering, sub-six-day trip from Ushant to the Equator, Franck Cammas’ 105-ft trimaran Groupama 3 has had a rough time of it in both the South Atlantic and the transition to the Indian Ocean.