Phaedo3 Trying for Transpacific Record

On Thursday, the MOD70 Phaedo3 left Long Beach to challenge the World Sailing Speed Record Council’s official Transpacific record.

According to the most recent post on Phaedo’s Facebook page, the famed trimaran has been sailing for one day and 18 hours. The transpacific record for the 2,225-mile run between Los Angeles and Diamond Head on Oahu is three days and 18 hours, set by the 105-ft Lending Club 2 in 2015.

Slower than an airplane, but faster than any boat the average mortal has set foot on, Phaedo3 is challenging the three-day, 18-hour Los Angeles-to-Hawaii (or transpacific) record.

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Phaedo3 has been "trucking along at 29 knots," according to their Facebook post. "Onboard for the record attempt are: Lloyd Thornburg, Brian Thompson, Justin Slattery, David Swete, Peter Cumming, Fletcher Kennedy and Henry Bomby."

We have a reporter on the ground in Honolulu who will be updating this story on Wednesday. Best of luck and safe travels to Phaedo3 and her crew.

As we speak, this boat is about 12 hours from Hawaii and in contention for a new record.  

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