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Peaceful Northwest Cruising – Usually

Our hearts go out to the owner of Persuasion. There are many more hard, pointy things just below the surface in the Pacific Northwest than there are on San Francisco Bay.

© Dick Enersen

"The cruising up here in British Columbia has been great," reported San Franciscan Dick Enersen last week aboard Brass Ring, which looks to be a Cal 46,"just as it has been for virtually all of the previously 39 days." But as the accompanying photos by Enersen indicate, not every day has been great for every sailor up there. "The owner of the lovely 42-ft cold-molded sloop Persuasion hit something in the Agamemnon Channel, the first leg of the trip from Pender Harbor to Princess Louisa Inlet, and she began to take on a lot of water up forward. When I asked the owner — he’s the one wearing a red shirt in the dinghy — if there was anything I could do to help, he replied, ‘No. Have a nice day.’ The guy with the little tin boat eventually succeeded in helping the disabled sloop into shallow water. At any rate, the cruising up here is always great — unless you hit something and take on water."

A passing fishing boat helped the boat into shallower water.

© Dick Enersen

By the way, in my letter on page 40 of the August issue, it says that I sailed on 12s in the America’s Cup year of ’71. Somebody must have made a typo, because it was actually ’64."

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"I was chartering in French Polynesia recently when I snapped this photo of Australian media magnate James Packer’s 288-ft luxury yacht Arctic P anchored near Bloody Mary’s in Baie De Povai, Bora-Bora," writes USCG Master and Club Nautique instructor Rod Witel.