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Pacific Crossing Data Revealed

If past years are any barometer of the future, the first Pacific Puddle Jump boats of the 2011 fleet will set sail from the West Coast of the Americas, bound for French Polynesia, in late February or early March. That’s still six months away, but for cruisers who are now making preparations, the time will undoubtedly fly by.

Without question, spending time in French Polynesia aboard your own boat is a dream come true for most cruisers. But how long will it take to make the crossing?

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If they want firsthand input on what to expect during that 3,000-mile crossing, they should check out our PPJ Recap article in the September edition of Latitude 38. There, along with loads of insightful quotes from 2010 passage-makers, they’ll find our annual Passage Data table, which gives all sorts of specifics such as the number of days it took each boat to cross, at what longitude they transited the ITCZ, what broke, how many fish they caught and more. Below is a capsule version of the info, but you can download the entire table in PDF format from the Puddle Jump website.

Partial Passage Data for PPJ 2010 Fleet


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It’s monohulls in the front and multihulls in the back – or north – of Paraquita Lagoon.
Most sailors look at Labor Day with mixed feelings — hey, it’s three days of sailing, yet it’s also the official end of summer.