Opposite of Ships Passing in the Night

"What do you do when you cross paths with cruising friends in the middle of the ocean and you’re headed in different directions?” asked Lewis Allen and Alyssa Alexopulous of the Redwood City and Fiji-based Voyage 43 catamaran Quixotic.

They were faced with the question while sailing from Taveuni: Their friends, David and Amy on the catamaran Starry Horizons, were sailing the other way, to Taveuni. 

"The answer is simple," the couple said. “You heave to and paddle over for a cold one!" So Lewis and Alyssa got onto their paddleboard, took a few strokes over to Starry Horizons, and shared a drink with their friends. Before leaving, David took a photo of the two boats.

"Imagine meeting you out here!" Friends from Quixotic and Starry Horizons stop for a visit in the waters of Fiji. 

Starry Horizons / David
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You may remember that Lewis and Alyssa spent almost all their money and worked their butts off for a very long time restoring a tropical storm-damaged Voyage 43 catamaran in Fiji. Their plan was to make it all pay off by chartering the boat.

The list of people who have tried to make a go of chartering is surely one of the longest in the world. But Lewis and Alyssa report they’ve been doing great, and are almost completely booked for the season.

It’s great to see hardworking ‘kids’ succeed. 

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