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Olympian Austin Sperry to Speak at StFYC

The day after Christmas (December 26) means the shopping is a faint memory, the presents are opened, the house is a mess and you’re ready for a little sailing ‘content’ in your life. It’s serendipitous then that it’s also the day that Star Class Olympian Austin Sperry will be speaking at St. Francis YC’s Yachting Luncheon, sharing how he and father-in-law, John Dane III, came from behind to win their Qingdao Olympic berth in the last 100 yards in the last leg of the last race in the Olympic Trials in October. The casual-dress luncheon is $18 — and, from personal experience, worth every penny — and the general public is cordially invited.

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In an effort to allow our staff to finish (and, in some cases, start) their Christmas shopping, and then to recover from the Big Day itself, ‘Lectronic Latitude will be on vacation until December 28.