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New Pardey Biography

Old pal and former Latitude coworker Herb McCormick has spent the last few years working on a biography of ‘the first couple of cruising’, Lin and Larry Pardey, and the final product has just been released. As Long As It’s Fun isn’t just an overview of the couple’s sailing accomplishments — you can read more about those in their books Cruising in Serrafyn, Serrafyn’s Oriental Adventure, and their latest, Bull Canyon, to name a few — but a deeper look into their occasionally tumultuous, often-exciting and always-fascinating lives together. 

Handsome Herb shows off his new book, As Long As It’s Fun.

© Elaine Lembo / Cruising World

We haven’t received our review copy of the book yet (hint hint, ol’ Herbie boy), but the combination of Herb’s incredible talent and subjects who never fail to inspire is guaranteed to keep us up late into the night. You can pick up the hardcover now and the ebook in January.

And speaking of Lin and Larry, they made a stunning announcement last week: "We’ve made a very important, but difficult decision this week — we’ve decided it is time to begin interviewing prospective adopters for Taleisin. She has been such a wonderful part of our lives, from the time when we cut the first trees (black locust from the edge of a farm in Virginia) to build her, through thousands of miles of voyaging, to the local exploring we’ve been doing the past few years. But now we know she needs someone else to share the pleasure of the open sea."

We wish Lin and Larry nothing but the very best, but we can’t help feeling a twinge of sorrow at the end of an era.

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