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Mystery Revealed

We received many responses to Wednesday’s Mystery Photo quiz — some correct, some incorrect, and some creative. Among our favorites was Jeff Cook’s: "The latest idea for revamping latitude and longitude. I can hear it now, ‘Get your latest copy of Diagonalitude 38, on shelves now.’"

It reminded Fastalfa, apparently a Trekkie, of the Tholian Web. Rob Waterman, Vice President of Operations for Metro Ports, thought it looked like "Technora sail cloth, like my 5o5 uses!"

The photo in question.

© Jeffrey Berman

Other interesting guesses included "A timelapse photograph of the transit path of a satellite," "Time Delay (‘TD’) lines on an early Loran C chart, before Lat/Long capabilities were realized in the gear," "The picture is GPS Satellite orbit pattern," "I think it has to do with the last AC on the Bay," "ISS tracks. Time exposure." (ISS being the International Space Station.)

John Cole, getting warmer, guessed that it was a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge. Warmer still were those who thought that it showed the Bay Lights art display on the west span of the Bay Bridge. Rodney Kidd had the first correct answer and wins a Latitude T-shirt: "Support cables on the new Bay Bridge suspension span." Jeffrey Berman shot the photo at night while taking his boat to Paradise Cove.

Thanks to all who played along and to Jeffrey for the puzzler!


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