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Man Killed in Boat Explosion in Ensenada

A man has died after a possible propane explosion and fire aboard a sailboat at Marina Coral in Ensenada yesterday afternoon, according to reports from witnesses in the marina. The man’s identity is not known.

An apparent propane explosion killed a man and injured a dog in Ensenada yesterday. 

© 2017 Jasper and Flo Benincasa

Marina tenants report hearing a loud boom followed by a fire, which strongly suggests a propane explosion. The man was eventually pulled from the boat, and was suffering from severe burns. The man’s wife was reportedly away visiting friends.

Firefighters examine a burnt boat yesterday afternoon in Ensenada. 

© Jasper and Flo Benincasa

The man’s pug, which was also in the boat, was badly injured, but was alive when seen last.

If you have any information about this incident, please let us know.

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