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Macklemore Promotes Lady Washington

Hip hop and sailing don’t often mix well — aside from The Lonely Island’s hilarious 2009 spoof hit I’m on a Boat, which was technically powerboating — but Seattle’s Macklemore & Ryan Lewis hit the sweet spot with his new music video for Can’t Hold Us. Macklemore and posse are seen riding the waves of Puget Sound while twerking it up all over the decks of Lady Washington (that probably doesn’t mean what you think it means). The video below is a good seven minutes long but offers some beautiful sailing shots.

Wait a second! That doesn’t look like Puget Sound at all. In fact, that looks an awful lot like . . . the Oakland-Alameda Estuary! In fact, the sailing portion of the video — which has a very Seattle-centric theme going — was shot in Ventura and Oakland earlier this year. 

Apparently after the shoot, the main man himself shot a PSA promoting Lady Washington and Gray’s Harbor Historical Seaport’s programs. Check it out below, then pop on over to Lady Washington’s donation page to support the program.

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