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Lost Shaker of Salt: the Search Continues

Jimmy Buffett has the good dope.

When Jimmy was on my cat ‘ti Profligate yesterday in St. Barth and told me that the great Rhodes 73-ft centerboard yawl Escapade, a Caribbean legend from the 80s and 90s, was being completely rebuilt, I was pretty sure that he was mistaken. After all, when I’d seen her years ago, she seemed to be a lost cause in the KKMI yard in Richmond.

Jimmy Buffett, second from left, onboard ‘ti Profligate in St. Barth with Doña de Mallorca Spindler, far right.
© 2019 Richard Spindler

It turns out Jimmy did indeed have the good dope, as according to Kenny Keefe of KKMI, a nearby yard in Richmond is doing the complete rebuild. Fantastic!

Escapade had a brilliant career in the Great Lakes and setting records on the East Coast and the Caribbean — Google it — then allegedly got into the ‘import’ business for awhile.

Much later, she was owned by a Russian lawyer in the Bay Area. After doing a Cabo race, she slammed into a Coast Guard buoy near Pt. Conception while heading back to the Bay Area.

About the same time, the lawyer who owned her got into big trouble for massive financial shenanigans. Escapade dried out for years at the KKMI yard in Richmond, and was often written off for dead.

An unidentified photographer snapped this shot of Escapade looking pretty darn good in front of the Gate.
© 2019 Unknown

But like the rumors of Mark Twain’s death, apparently Escapade’s were a little premature.

Long live Jimmy B and Escapade, two spirits of the ‘old St. Barth’.


  1. Tom V. aka CabinBoy 5 years ago

    Wow…that’s cool – on so many levels!

  2. Ron Schaper 5 years ago

    Having sailed in Escapade in the 1970’s…and providing the care a wooden boat needs in the tropics…I was dismayed a few years back seeing her sagging and drying out at KKMI.
    It will be great to see this classic revived.

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