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Looking for Damien and Deborah

Can anybody help us contact Damien McCullough and Deborah Ream of the Newport Beach-based Celestial 50 Ticket to Ride?

Deborah and Damien at Animas, Mexico, back in ’05 after doing the Ha-Ha.

Ticket to Ride
©2009 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

The couple did the ’05 Ha-Ha, then cruised Central America and the Caribbean until we bumped into them again early this year. We did an ‘After the Ha-Ha’ interview with them that we’d like to run, but first we need to get a few clarifications from them. Unfortunately, despite all the modern tech aids such as Google, we’ve managed to misplace their email address. If you can help, please email Richard.

Deborah playing near fire at the Pacayo volcano in Central America.

© 2009 Damien McCullough

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