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Looking for Bora Bora YC Burgee

"I sailed through Bora Bora in 1982 and stopped at the Bora Bora YC," writes Gig Harbor, WA’s Randy Mueller. "I had a very enjoyable few days there. I bought some BBYC burgees from Michelle, who owned the yacht club at the time. She didn’t have them made up at the time so she said she would mail them to my home, which she eventually did. However, the problem was that she sent them to me unassembled. I’m wondering if any of your readers might have a picture of what the burgee is supposed to look like so I can finally have them assembled. 

"I am only guessing that I have it oriented correctly. The blue tape obviously goes around the edges, with the larger white section to be sewn along the vertical edge. The larger white reinforcing piece has a blue insignia with the following: YACHT BORA, (Club Nautique), B.P. 17 BORA BORA Vin TAHITI, POLYNESIE FRANCAISE. They’ve been sitting around my house in the envelope for many years — I think it is time to get them finished!

"P.S.: When I was there in 1982, Michelle said she almost had the club sold and would be moving to Arizona, of all places. That surprised me as she was obviously a French citizen with a very ‘bubbly’ personality!"

Readers, if you have a photo of an early-’80s era Bora Bora YC burgee, you can share it with Randy by email.

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