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Livin’ for the Weekend

If the weekend’s forecast of patchy fog, drizzle, and light winds aren’t tempting you out onto the water to watch (if you can see that far through the fog) the Big Boat Series or to join the Singlehanded Sailing Society’s Richmond/South Beach Race, you have options. Check out this quick list of events going on around the Bay, then hop on over to our online Calendar for more details.

  • Today through Sunday: Northern California Fall Boat Show at Jack London Square (Oakland) or the Lake Union Boats Afloat Show (Seattle)
  • Today through Sunday: 4th Annual All Islander Rendezvous (Estuary)
  • Saturday: Boaters’ Swap Meets at Emeryville Marina (7 a.m.) and Port of Redwood City (8 a.m.)
  • Saturday: Sail aboard Alma (1 p.m.)
  • Saturday: Safe Boating class on Yerba Buena (all day)
  • Sunday: UCSC Boating Center Yard Sale at Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor (8 a.m.) — be sure to say "Arrrgh" a lot as it’s also ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’.

One event that missed the September Calendar deadline is a fundraiser for the Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors (BAADS). The non-profit’s inaugural Casino Night will be held Saturday at South Beach YC, 6 p.m. "Like many other non-profits, BAADS is experiencing the impact of the economic downturn," said boardmember Dan Leininger. "For many years, we’ve been fortunate to be the recipients of repeat donations/grants. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to rely on these sources of income." The cost is $65, and includes $25 worth of chips, cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, dessert, and a prize raffle. See South Beach YC’s website to register, and have a great weekend!


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