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Liability Insurance for Mexico

We’ve gotten a couple of letters from folks signed up for the Baja Ha-Ha asking if it was still possible to buy Mexican liability insurance before getting to Mexico. We even had a broker report that the companies that used to write such coverage for him no longer offer it.

Young singlehander Sarah Andrews learned the hard way what an offshore reef can do to a fiberglass sailboat. Liability insurance might not have helped her recover her losses, but it would have helped if her boat had damaged someone else’s property.

© 2010 Sarah Andrews

All we can say is that the first marine insurance broker we happened to find in the most recent Latitude, which just happened to be Mariners General, said sure, they offer it. In fact, you can sign up for it and pay for it with your credit card on their webpage. We don’t know if it has anything to do with the fact that they also have an office in Mexico, just that they have it. In fact, there are a number of insurance brokers in the magazine who likely have what you need in the way of coverage. Give them a call — they do this every day.

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And you thought serving sizes in the U.S. were large… © 2010 Bill Nokes Adventurous cruisers are always willing to try local delicacies.