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Latitude Extra: National Data Buoy Center Not Updating Weather Data

Tim Dick of the Lagoon 42 Malolo just notified us that there is no coastal weather data being fed to WX forecasts indefinitely. At this point, there’s no known cause. Maybe a catastrophic crash or a cyber attack or? 

The National Data Buoy Center site said, “On 03/09/2021 the NDBC primary processing servers were shut off due to a facilities issue. Station pages on the NDBC website are not updating and there is no ETR at this time. We will update this banner as we learn more.”

National Data Buoy Center
The National Data Buoy Center buoys are not sending data though the cause is yet to be determined.
© 2021 NDBC

Fortunately, from where we sit right now it’s a beautiful day but, for those currently voyaging, this could be a concern. 

National Buoy Data Centers
The buoy weather is the same everywhere – no data.
© 2021 NBDC

Does anyone have any insights? Send to [email protected] or comment below. 



  1. JOHN LUNDQUIST 3 years ago

    I was really disappointed to run into this. First Bodega Bay 46013 breaks loose and then the site goes down. I used Bodega Bay and Point Arena 46014 often. Going to miss them if they go away permanently.

  2. Eric S 3 years ago

    Apparently this was due to a burst pipe in their HQ in Silver Spring, MD. They don’t yet have an estimate for when it will be up and running again.

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