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Last Call for Boats at Nelson’s Marine

Pass the word far and wide that there are still boats waiting to be claimed by their owners at Nelson’s.

© 2013 John Tuma

The City of Alameda is nearing the end of its efforts to find the registered owners of property that was stored at Nelson’s Marine at the time Nelson’s was shut down in May, according to Kevin Montee, an attorney with Horner and Singer, the outside counsel for the city. Registered owners can still claim their property, but not for much longer. Property that is not claimed will be sold at auction, and any property not sold will be demolished.

No date has been set, and an auction will only be held if there is enough unclaimed property to warrant the effort. But Montee notes that the City of Alameda has done its best to contact owners, and that any property still unclaimed is likely to remain unclaimed.

If an auction is warranted, the City of Alameda is required to publish notice for at least two weeks in at least one local publication. However, the city has done more than it is legally required to do throughout the process, and will most likely want to get the word out about any auction through multiple publications.

We talked to one sailor whose boat is still trapped behind razor wire because the city’s attorney doesn’t believe he bought his trailer from Carl Nelson with cash.

© 2013 John Tuma

For those who still have property at the Nelson’s Marine site, more information is available at (925) 943-6570. 

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