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Festival del Viento Nayarit’s Kiting Spectacular Rips Up the Coast

What was reputed to be the largest kiteboarding event in North America took place May 16-19 on Banderas Bay, Nayarit. Over 300 kiters came out to rip it up along the coast. Charity Palmatier from the Vallarta Yacht Club sent a few shots of this year’s Festival del Viento Nayarit (Wind Festival).

The kites practically filled Banderas Bay.
© 2024 Charity Palmatier

While winging is in rapid growth mode, participation in kiting has declined or leveled off. That doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of passionate participants — as we head into the Summer Olympics, kiting is making its debut as a sailing discipline. The Bay Area’s Daniela Moroz will be carrying the flag for all of us in France this summer.

It looked as busy as Crissy Field, though without wetsuits.
© 2024 Charity Palmatier

As each new sailing discipline is created, it becomes tough for the Olympics or individual sailors to decide how they want to participate in sailing. Bay Area winger Henry Vare also keeps his tactical dinghy-racing skills up to speed racing FJs with the Redwood High School sailing team.

Catching some air at the Festival del Viento.
© 2024 Charity Palmatier

Even within each discipline there are multiple ways to play. The Festival del Viento includes a big-air competition, buoy racing and long-distance races. With a great variety of events, Banderas Bay remains one of the premier regatta destinations on the West Coast.

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