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Kids Going Cruising

"We may be geese, headed south for the winter, or the Ha-Ha may just be the first leg of a very, very long vacation," say Tom & Kelly Miller of the Alameda-based Panda 40 Stochastic.  We’re guessing that their 10-year-old daughter Sophie would prefer the latter option. (Also pictured is canine crewman Monte Cristo.)

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Ever since the first Baja Ha-Ha in 1994, we’ve done our best to make sure that all activities of this now-famous San Diego-to-Cabo San Lucas rally are G-rated. That is, fun for the whole family. So it’s no wonder that every year a variety of parents use the event to introduce their kids to the joys and challenges of cruising. 

Not only will the two-week trip potentially introduce the young ‘swabs’ to watch-standing, marine life and a vibrant foreign culture, but they will likely make some new friends which will greatly enhance their enjoyment of future cruising. 

With this in mind, we encourage the ‘kid boats’ to design their own activities during the rest stops along the way. Surfing lessons and boat-to-boat trick-or-treating are two perennial favorites. 

The youngest kid on this year’s rally? That’s gotta be two-year-old Grace Walter of the Channel Islands-based Horstman trimaran Reprieve. Parents Nathan and Cindy say they’ll "slowly cruise the world as a family to enjoy our beautiful planet one ocean at a time." They don’t intend to return to the US for "at least 10 years."

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Here’s the kid contingent of Baja Ha-Ha XXI:

  • Seahorse / Wauquiez 42 Billy, 7, & Grace, 5 / Sidney, BC
  • Dirigo II Alden Schooner 72 Joe Woodard, 19, & Ian Allaway, 18 / Friday Harbor, WA
  • Velvet Sky Island Packet 38 / ‘Bucket’ Smith, 4 / Boise, ID
  • Intrepid Islander 36 ‘Cody’ 14, & ‘Alex’ Brill M 17/ San Francisco
  • Grinn Hunter 49 Jake  Mcdougall, 17 / Edmonton, AB
  • Lorien Panda 38 ‘JD’, 19, & ‘Jake’ Andrews, 10 / Bellingham, WA
  • Reprieve Horstman 38 tri / Grace Walter, 2 / Channel Islands
  • Mia Zoi / Beneteau 411 Mia, 10 & Zoe Papadakis, 8 / Seattle
  • Apropos Hans Christian 43 / Jacintha Shutt, 7 Seattle
  • Stochastic / Panda 40 Sophia Miller, 10 / Orlando, FL
  • Choisi / Kadey Krogen 55 trawler / Charlotte, 12 Frances Gebhard, 10 / Newport, RI
  • Entrophy II Ranger 33 ‘Thor’ Svendsen-Crumley, 4 / Bodega Bay
  • Pelagic / Hallberg Rassy 42 ‘Zander’, 11, Porter, 9, & Anakena Bradford, 5 / Portland, OR
  • Kandu Tayana V42 / Bryce Rigney, 13, & Trent Rigney, 11 / Ventura 
  • Family Circus / Lagoon 470 Mykaela Lewis, 20 with Tristan, 12, Lexi, 11 & Maia Tzortzis, 6 / San Francisco

One important note: If you plan to take your own kids or stepchildren cruising anywhere out of the country without both natural parents coming along, law requires that you obtain and carry with you a notarized letter of permission from the absent parent.


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