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Keeping a Weather Eye

Mariners transiting Mexico’s Pacific coast are keeping their eyes on two tropical storms that are currently circulating offshore. 

This wind speed probability map from NOAA confirms that Tropical Storm Elida could definitely be troublesome, especially since it is currently moving closer to shore.

© 2014 NOAA

The more troubling of the two is Tropical Storm Elida, which was roughly 100 miles south of Manzanillo early this morning, traveling NW (toward shore) at 10 knots, with maximum sustained winds of 43 knots. 

The second storm is of much less concern, at least in it’s current position. Earlier this morning Tropical Storm Douglas was roughly 500 nm WSW of Puerto Vallarta and 175 nm WSW of Socorro Island, traveling to the NW at 8 knots, with maximum sustained winds of 35 knots.

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