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It’s Time to Dive into the California Delta Again

There is no shortage of folks who will tell you the Delta is a great place to visit 12 months of the year. In fact, sailor and artist Martin Machado wrote about his March 2020 pandemic escape to the Delta in our June 2020 issue. The Delta was an ideal escape from the pandemic in 2020, but more frequently, it’s known as an ideal escape from the Bay’s cool summer winds and fog. And that season is right around the corner.

The cool March freshwater plunge only improves with the arrival of summer.
© 2021 Stephen Amato Salvatierra

Like all escapes, the voyage can suit the escapee. Some are in search of the ultimate party. Others are looking for a quiet corner for a read, or to paint. For artist Martin Machado, it was painting along the shoreline that inspired his Delta exploration.

There’s plenty to capture on canvas during your Delta cruise.
© 2021 Martin Machado

Before you head up to the Delta, we’d suggest you read Machado’s story, or any of the stories on our Delta page to get your game plan together. Our Boat-In-Dining page has restaurants around the Delta and all around the Bay Area waterfront. We’re looking forward to reading and writing about your Delta summer. Send us your photos and stories here.

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  1. Gene 4 months ago

    And if you stay in fresh water for week, you’ll kill the growth on your hull.

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