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I Tooled You So

A few weeks ago, reader Bob Adams asked the question, "Have you seen one of these before?" 

"Just what the heck is this thing(?)," asked Bob Adams.

© 2018 Bob Adams

Adams said that he used this mystery tool to disassemble his speed winches. Many of you agreed that this was its purpose, but several suggested it might have additional duties. "That tool, used to strip the winch, can be found under another guise as a key to open the water or diesel inlet, or deck fitting," wrote David Wheatley from Portsmouth Harbour in the UK. He included a link to Sheridan Marine.

© Sheridan Marine

These multi uses — a winch wrench and a deck fitting key — seemed to have been the general consensus, the bulk of which we’ll include in the May issue’s Letters. But the discussion prompted the presentation of yet another mystery tool by reader wrote Ernest Galvan, who found this thingamabob on his Ericson 30 Plus Zenergy.

"This mystery tool is in Zenergy’s nav desk," wrote Ernest Galvan. "No idea what it’s for."

© 2018 Ernest Galvan

As it turns out, we have some firsthand knowledge of this particular instrument. "I have the same tool on my boat," said Latitude publisher and editor in chief John Arndt of his 1973 Ranger 33 Summer Sailstice. "And I’m sure there are lots of boats built in Costa Mesa in the ’70s with the same thing. Mine is used on the top and bottom of the dinette table to hold it secure."

The mystery tool in use aboard Summer Sailstice.

© Latitude 38 Media, LLC

Question? Comments? More mystery hardware to share? Please, let us know.

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