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Hurricane Calvin Takes Aim for Hawaii

Just as Transpac and Singlehanded Transpac racers get safely tucked into Hawaii, the National Hurricane Center shows Hurricane Calvin taking direct aim at Hawaii. It quickly intensified into a Category 3 hurricane and is expected to make landfall on the southern side of the Big Island of Hawaii by about 8 a.m. on Tuesday.

Hurricane Calvin
Hurricane Calvin is following the Transpac racers west.
© 2023 National Hurricane Center
Randy Leasure hugs a tree
Singlehanded Transpacific racer Randy Leasure, of the Westsail 32 Tortuga, might want to continue hanging on to that tree.
© 2023 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Chris

The hurricane’s arrival is due at just about the time delivery crews want to make their way home to the West Coast. Currently T/S Cal Maritime and Rio 100 are both on their way home, but naturally, are heading due north, and should be well out of the way of the hurricane’s track. While it’s often good to be in a harbor for a hurricane, one passing to the south of the islands could leave harbors on the north side vulnerable when the leading edge arrives, and the south side vulnerable as the trailing edge passes.

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  1. Chuck Cunningham 11 months ago

    Hurricane Calvin? Will Hobbs the Tiger be in tow?

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