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Hot Dog Du-Du for Dinner

And you thought serving sizes in the U.S. were large…

© 2010 Bill Nokes

Adventurous cruisers are always willing to try local delicacies. Pig testicles in Spain? Delicioso! Fried tarantulas in Cambodia? Chi-ang! Dog ‘du-du’ in Panama? Wait, what?! Baja Ha-Ha vet and long-time cruiser Bill Nokes of the Chetco Cove, OR-based Gulfstar 41 Someday says that one dish on Isla Taboga in Panama didn’t tempt him. "Barbara and I were pleased with the variety of food there, but we decided against one particular item on the menu," Bill reported. "It may be nutritious, but it didn’t have a lot of menu appeal. We went with the empanadas!"

“Hmmm, I think I’ll have the Tarantula Tetrazzini, please.”

© Gordon Gourmet

This, of course, got us wondering about some of the strange — strange to Westerners, that is — things world cruisers have eaten during the course of their travels. If you’ve done a bit of cruising to foreign lands, tell us about the weirdest food you’ve ever tried (photos are always appreciated). Be sure to include your name, your boat name and type, and your hailing port.

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