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Hannah, Hoping to Crew on the Ha-Ha

Hannah, who’d like to find a berth on a Ha-Ha boat, at the helm while sailing off Spain.

Hannah Knipple
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Still looking to crew on the Ha-Ha? Then you’re in the same boat — ahem — as Hannah Knipple, who graduated Pre-Med from Trinity College last year. Knipple had planned to live in Spain for the next few months, but those plans fell through at the last minute. Having worked as a deckhand aboard the Long Beach-based 156-ft schooner Tole Mour this spring, Knipple says she’s dying to get back on the water and into her next adventure.

Hannah, seen in the rigging, knows her way around boats.

Hannah Knipple
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC

"I think the most pertinent thing about me is my ability to work hard and my love of anything that keeps me active on the water and in the sun. I grew up in the Finger Lakes and was a swimmer and lifeguard while in school at both Exeter and Trinity. I spent many summers working as a lifeguard and swim instructor at various sports and outdoors camps. My final semester at Trinity I coxed for the women’s crew team, and this past summer I built a wooden kayak, rigged with a small sail."

If you need crew for the Ha-Ha, you can contact Hannah for a copy of her impressive resume.

As for the rest of you looking to crew, we think your best options to get a Ha-Ha slot are to:

  1. Take out an ad in ‘Lectronic Latitude (email Shawn);
  2. Contact every skipper who posted a ‘Looking for Crew‘ ad on the Ha-Ha website; and
  3. Show up at the Kick-Off Party in San Diego — sea bag in hand — on October 26, which is the day before the start.

Good luck to everyone.

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