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Monday News Briefs

Halloween Mist on San Francisco Bay

“No fog machine needed for this event!” wrote Greg Clausen of the Great Pumpkin Regatta. “Nice race — more wind next time please. This was taken from Cal 40 Highlander.”

An eerie Halloween mist crept into SF Bay early over the weekend.
© 2018 Greg Clausen

Three Legends Walk Onto a Boat . . . 

A serious boat is going to naturally attract some serious talent and experience. Case in point: Flash back to two weeks ago, when Ron Holland and Commodore Tompkins were hosted by Alan Olson aboard the Matthew Turner. We would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall for this one.

From left: Alan Olson, Ron Holland and Commodore Warwick Tompkins at the helm of the Matthew Turner in mid-October.
© 2018 Sylvia Stompe

SDYC Wins Lipton Cup. Again

San Diego Yacht Club took its second-straight Lipton Cup win over the weekend under skipper Tyler Sinks. “We just tried to sail our own boat all day,” Sinks said in a SDYC press release. “It was such a tricky race course that it was hard to be in the right spot, but I have such good teammates. They kept the boat moving the whole time and I just took orders all weekend. Having a good team really helped us pull it out.”

SDYC scores a repeat victory in the highly competitive Lipton Cup. (Skipper Tyler Sinks is third from right.)
© 2018 SDYC

Maserati with the Hat Trick at the Rolex Middle Sea Race

Giovanni Soldini and his MOD70 Maserati were just awarded three prizes at the 39th Rolex Middle Sea Race: Multihull Line Honors, or the first multihull to finish the regatta, the Captain Morgan & MOCRA Trophy for the first multihull on corrected time, and the MTS Trophy for the first non-Maltese boat to cross the finish line. Maserati completed the 606-mile  Maltese regatta in 2 days, 11 hours, 54 minutes and 58 seconds, finishing one week ago today. PowerPlay, [Maserati’s] direct rival, took second place.

The mighty Maserati makes for Malta.
© 2018 Martina Orsini

One More Randall Reeves Nugget

On Friday, we reported that Randall Reeves was near the equator and expected to cross soon. Lo and behold, he did!

“I’ve only been across [the equator] four, now five, times. I don’t yet even qualify for a tattoo,” wrote Randall Reeves.
© 2018 Randall Reeves
“It happened while I wasn’t looking. Somewhere around 3 p.m. While my head was in a forward locker and Monte hummed softly at the tiller, Mo charged on across the equator, across the line, and didn’t tell a soul. “Señor, that we are successful at crossing the street on the way to the market is no reason to open champagne. We will cross many streets,” said “Monte,” Reeves’ wind vane.

“Sparkling wine,” answered Reeves. “And sure it is. We’re shellbacks. Not everyone can say that.”

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