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Ha-Ha Update

From the Grand Poobah himself, here is some important info relating to the Ha-Ha:

1) Offshore flow is returning to SoCal and the air quality is much better. In any event, the conditions on the waterfront are nowhere nearly as bad as they were in 2003. "You can even see the stars at night," announced Mr. Poobah.

2) Take note of the massive amounts of kelp off Pt. Loma. The Poobah, sailing down from Newport, got caught in the kelp and both of Profligate‘s engines overheated and shut down. It’s recommended to keep some distance between your boat and Pt. Loma to avoid getting kelpified.

Conditions should be gorgeous for the start of the Ha-Ha.

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3) The weather forecast for this weekend keeps getting better and better. For Sunday’s Kick-Off Party, it’s expected to be mostly sunny, maybe some fog in the morning with highs in the 70s to 80s. For the start of the Ha-Ha on Monday, it’s also expected to be sunny and possibly even a bit warmer.

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