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Despite Economy Rallies on a Roll

Profligate, Latitude’s Surfin’ 63 catamaran, seen here enjoying great sailing conditions in the Sea of Cortez, will be the mothership for the Ha-Ha for the 12th time this fall.

SOC Photographers
©2009 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

One segment of the world of sailing that seems not to have been hurt by the poor — although apparently recovering — global economy is sailing rallies. We give you three examples:

First, within 48 hours of being announced on ‘Lectronic, all slots in Latitude‘s Delta Doo Dah Rally, from June 27 to July 3, were taken. Maybe next year we’ll have room for more.

Second, the World Cruising folks in jolly old England have announced they have already received 181 paid entries for their Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) that starts in November. Six of the entries are from the U.S.


Finally, although entries weren’t accepted for this fall’s ‘Sweet Sixteen’ Baja Ha-Ha until Friday, 29 of them were received by Monday morning. One of the main reasons people sign up for the Ha-Ha early is that it gives them a better chance at getting a slip in Cabo when the fleet first arrives. While the 10-entries-per-day pace of sign-ups certainly can’t be sustained, it suggests that there might well be a good Ha-Ha turnout despite the poor economy. As for us, we haven’t brought Profligate back from Mexico yet — but we still can’t wait to sail south with the Ha-Ha again!

Ha-Ha entries to date include:

1. Natalie, Ericson 35 MkI, Ford Johnson, San Francisco
2. Sirocco, J/130, Lee Pryor, Oceanside
3. Galatea, Island Packet 380, Doug Hounshell, Berkeley
4. Sally Lightfoot, Corsair 31 UC, Paul Martson, Ventura
5. Trim, Del Rey 50, Ken Newell, Irvine
6. Dolfin, Crealock 37, William Meanley, San Diego
7. Moondance, Canadian Sailcraft 34, Niels Frommann, Santa Clara
8. Sabbatical, Mason 33, Bill Thompson, Long Beach
9. Meshach, 45-ft custom tri, Thor & Tanya Temme, Nawiliwili, Kauai, HI
10. Norwegian Steam, Jason 34, Alan Westhagen, Seattle, WA
11. Cuba Libre 3, Catalina-Morgan 440, Orlando Duran, Marina del Rey
12. Laura, Bristol 41.1, Michael Michel, Richmond
13. SeaFox, Sabre 452, Jim Hurst, Sausalito
14. Gato Go, Kennex 445 cat, Craig Wiese, San Diego
15. Mykonos, Swan 44, Myron Eisenzimmer, San Francisco
16. Pipe Dream IX, J/160, William Piper, Miami, FL
17. Siempre Sabado, Westsail 28, Stephen Yoder, Newport, OR
18. The Brass Ring, Sun Chaser 58 cat, Robert Brass, Toledo, OR
19. Stray Cat, Seawind 1000 cat, Harold Dean, San Francisco
20. Mai Pen Rai, Islander 36, Noble Brown, Benicia
21. Astraea, Cheoy Lee 41, Robert Moon, San Francisco
22. Grace, Beneteau Oceanis 393, Paul Witzke, Portland, OR
23. Virago, Catalina 470, Paul Goss, Alameda
25. Serenity, Tayana 52 DS, Gordon Cornett, Ventura
26. Mulan, Grand Soleil 39, Susan Karda, Vancouver, BC
27. Proximity, Swan 41, Rod Lambert, San Francisco
28. Nalu IV, Lapworth 48, Kent Miller, Los Angeles
29. Reverence, Tayana 58, Jason Scott, San Pedro

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