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Delta Doo Dah Open for Business

A Delta Doo Dah fleet recidivist, the Bristol Channel Cutter Odyssey sails downwind/upstream past Benicia.
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This is the year that Delta Doo Dah “turns it up to 11,” and you could be part of it. We opened registration for the loose-knit cruising rally yesterday, but, on Thursday, we invited ‘beta testers’ from last year’s fleet to bang on our registration form. Some of their comments:

“The form works fine; very simple single-page interface. It handled our different mailing and billing addresses just fine, which is typically the problem on most of these types of forms; good job. Looking forward to cruising with you this summer. We had planned to be in the Delta the first two weeks of June, so the Doo Dah Ditch Run on June 1 is perfect.”

“You might want to update your ‘gender’ field to include ‘other’ as it seems more and more folks are transcending the binary male/female-only model.” We’d thought about that, but weren’t sure if it was time yet. Since someone else said it, it must be time.

Men racing dinghies
Sailing dinghies are among the fun water toys cruisers bring along.
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Registration is free, but we really want everyone to preorder a burgee and fly it to identify their boats as fleet members. We also have long-sleeve cotton shirts in men’s and ladies’ sizes available to preorder. Sign up at

downtown Isleton
DIY itineraries might include visits to historic destinations like Isleton’s Main Street.
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Delta Doo Dah Events

You’re free to plan your own Delta Doo Dah itinerary, but we also offer several official events thanks to our hosting sponsors:

We always look forward to Owl Harbor’s parties.
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We’ll preview each of the May-August events as the season advances. In the meantime, you’ll find details on our itinerary page. Hope to see you upriver this summer!

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