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Coville Within 200 Miles of Record

Thomas Coville wrestles the gennaker aboard his 105-ft trimaran Sodeb’O. With less than 200 miles to go, a building high-pressure system is throwing a wrench in Coville’s attempt to break Francis Joyon’s singlehanded West-East Transatlantic record.

© 2008 Thomas Coville / Sodeb’O

Frenchman Thomas Coville and his 105-ft maxi trimaran Sodeb’O are less than 200 miles from breaking fellow countryman Francis Joyon’s singlehanded West-East transatlantic record. Coville has a lead of 192 miles against Joyon’s track from 2005, when he set the record of 6 days, 4 hours and one minute aboard his first IDEC shortly before losing her to the Brittany Coast. Although Coville is projected to break the record, it could be a closer margin than it appears right now, as his average speed has dropped to right around 17-knots and he’s in a zone of strengthening high-pressure. Stayed tuned at

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