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Classy Deadline Today

Once again, the holiday season is upon us. If your reaction to that statement was ‘Oh crap!’ instead of ‘Oh joy!’, maybe it’s time to clean out your dock box and lazarettes to earn a few extra bucks for shopping. Whether you want to list a boat or a room full of gear, a Classy Classified ad will get lots of qualified eyeballs.

Ooh! Just what I was looking for!

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"Psh! I know that," you say. Great! Then you’ll also know that today is the deadline to get your ad in the December issue of Latitude 38. You must get your ad in by 5 p.m. — not 5:30, not Monday — to get it in the magazine, but no matter when you order an ad, it will be online within a business day or so (usually sooner). So start digging around and you might get some extra cash and make someone else’s holiday just a little happier.


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