The Tables, and Ships, Are Turning in the Oakland Estuary

Last week, I was delivering my Columbia Challenger Esprit from San Rafael to Oakland, marking just the second time I'd made my way down the Estuary in a sailboat. Near the entrance, we saw that a container ship was turning behind Yerba Buena Island, rather than heading for the 'parking lot' of ships in the South Bay.
Wharram Tiki 30 Oleaje

Checking in from Puerto Vallarta

While this is the quiet season in Puerto Vallarta, it doesn't mean Paul Martson of J/World hasn't been busy. He and his wife, Jennifer took on a pandemic project for their 2014 Wharram Tiki 30, Oleaje.
2020 Tahiti Moorea Press Release

Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendez-vous Date Change

Put it in your calendar — the 2020 Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendez-vous is now scheduled for July 24 - 26. This annual three-day event celebrates cruising sailors' arrival in the French Polynesian islands after a successful ocean crossing.
Frigate Birds in flight

When Frigate Birds Tire of Flying

Frigate Birds are an oddity among seabirds in that they never go in the water. Indeed, if a Frigate does somehow end up in the drink, it will likely drown in short order.
Jack Van Ommen onboard the original Fleetwood 2013

Jack Is Back!

Last week we received a letter from Jack Van Ommen saying he is back in Cape Charles, VA after a four-month stint in the Caribbean.
Malolo sailing

Fiji Opens Up to Cruisers

A bit of good news for cruising sailors out there: The South Pacific island nation of Fiji once again opens its doors to cruising yachts and super-yachts.

A Solo-Sailing Mountain: Point Reyes and Back in a Day

On Memorial Day weekend, singlehander Graeme Lowe decided to attempt a “crazy but incredible” race against time. The skipper of the Berkeley-berthed Baltic 38 Merope had been planning a solo passage to Drake’s Bay over late May's holiday weekend,
Brotzeit Restaurant

Local Dine-in Cruising Destinations

What are your favorite waterfront restaurants that offer space to tie up a boat or are located less than three blocks from a marina?

Are Sailors Stranded at Sea Seeing a Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Has the COVID-19 pandemic forced some countries to breach international maritime laws and deny sailors safe harbor? Are cruisers, who are by nature transient and who cross borders regularly, caught between a particularly unique rock and a hard place, or are they just stuck in inconvenient situations like the rest of us? More »
Freeport Bridge

Cruising Close to Home

With one of us furloughed and one working remotely, we decided to head toward the Delta aboard Penelope, our Newport 27.