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Carnival in the Caribbean

A little pirate and his mum got splattered with confetti as they walked in front of one of the colorful music troops.

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Yesterday was Mardi Gras — Fat Tuesday — so big, loud and colorful dance celebrations took place all over the globe. But few places in the world celebrate Carnival as lustily on a per capita basis than do the islands of the Caribbean.

After nearly six hours of non-stop dancing, these lovely ladies still danced with grace and enthusiasm.

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We joined the Mardi Gras fun on St. Barth. Since it’s one of the least populated islands in the Caribbean, St. Barth had one of the smaller celebrations. Even still, thousands — including every sailor in the area — turned out in wild costumes to street dance to blaring music from 3 p.m. until the wee hours. Despite the fact that it was about as mixed a group of races, ages and sexes as possible, and despite the fact there was constant drinking and plenty of pot smoking, there wasn’t a gendarme in sight. There didn’t need to be, either, as there were no unpleasant incidents. That’s Carnival as it should be.


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Intrepid photographer Peter Lyons captured Sunday’s action, rain be damned. © Peter Lyons Constant, heavy rain on Sunday wasn’t enough to deter over 60% of the Corinthian YC Midwinters fleet from showing up for the final day of the series.